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Pre-Proposal Application Deadline: April 29, 2016

The International Foundation for Ethical Research (IFER) is pleased to call for pre-proposal applications for its Graduate Student Fellowships for Alternatives to the Use of Animals in Science.

The fellowships provide up to $12,500 annually in stipendiary support and up to $2,500 for supplies per year. The fellowships are renewable annually for up to three years. Continued funding is dependent on student progress and availability of funds.

IFER has supported research projects in many areas: see Past Award Recipients.

Proposals should consider the following:

  • How it advances the development of alternatives to the use of animals in research, testing, and/or education, and

  • Provide training that integrates innovation and discovery with ethics and respect for animals.

Fellowships are awarded to those candidates whose proposals/program of study show the greatest potential to replace the use of animals in science. IFER’s greatest interest is in how the proposed project will enhance the student’s involvement in issues of animal welfare and how the project’s outcome will replace the use of animals in research, product testing, and/or education. Please keep this in mind when preparing your application, and please be specific.



IFER Graduate Fellowships are open to students enrolled in Master’s and Ph.D. programs in the sciences, and human and veterinary medicine. Fellowships will also be considered for graduate students in other fields, such as education, psychology, humanities, journalism, and the law, for projects that show promise to increase public awareness or to promote changes in the legal system or public policy regarding the use of animals in research, testing, and education.

Important Dates

January 1st: IFER begins accepting Fellowship Applications.

April 29th: Deadline for Fellowship Pre-Proposal Application Submissions.

June 1st: Requests for invitation-only full proposals will be announced. Instructions for submission of Full Proposals will be provided to candidates.

August 15th: Deadline for submission of Full Proposals.

October 15th: Announcement of Fellowship Award Recipients.



In return for the acceptance of a fellowship award, IFER expects the following from its grant recipients:

  • Semi-annual progress reports.

  • Acknowledgement of support in publications and formal presentations.

  • Copies of all publications related to the project.

  • A copy of the thesis or dissertation (electronic version is acceptable), including a special section detailing the relevance of the work to IFER’s goal of replacing the use of animals in research, product testing and/or education.

    In addition, the student’s graduate advisory committee should include at least one member with particular interest or expertise in animal welfare and/or expertise in methodologies that do not rely on animal models or testing protocols.


Sample Areas of Interest

IFER has supported research projects in the following areas (see Past Award Recipients) although this list is not intended to be exhaustive:

  • Tissue, cell and organ cultures

  • Clinical studies

  • Epidemiological studies

  • Enhanced use of existing tissue repositories and patient databases

  • Educational tools and resources

  • Computer modeling and simulations

  • Noninvasive field studies
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