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...a better way. The International Foundation for Ethical Research (IFER) was conceived by advocates for animals who believed that real societal progress could be achieved only when compassion for all creatures was valued as much as scientific and technological advancements. Forward-thinking scientists who recognized the inherent flaws and lack of human relevance of animal experimentation imagined better methodologies and a smarter way to pursue scientific and medical breakthroughs. IFER was founded to serve as a bridge to discovery and knowledge built on compassion and scientific excellence.


Since 1985, IFER has been guided by a Scientific Advisory Board of scientists from academia, industry and government to support researchers who are developing cutting-edge alternatives to replace animal experiments. IFER’s Graduate Fellowship Program awards renewable grants to promising young scientists whose projects hold the greatest potential to replace the use of animals in research, testing and education. In doing so, IFER is seeding the scientific field with talented individuals prepared to integrate 21st century scientific discovery with ethics and respect for animals.

Recent IFER Graduate Fellowship recipients have conducted their work at some of North America’s most prestigious institutions. Noteworthy projects include new ways to conduct drug toxicology tests, promising treatments for osteoarthritis, and new models for understanding Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and cancer.


Each year, the Foundation is presented with a wide array of promising research proposals. IFER’s ability to award grants to these early career scientists and other initiatives is limited only by our available funding. Imagine if we could say “yes” to every viable proposal that shows promise in bringing innovation to scientific pursuits. Science, technology and medicine could advance faster while more animals would be spared from needless suffering.

Thank you for your interest and thoughtful consideration in becoming a partner with IFER in our pursuit of scientific advancements that incorporate cutting-edge technology with ethics and respect for animals. We welcome your inquiries regarding potential strategic collaborations for specific research initiatives. To learn more, please email Together, we can make great things happen!


Your donation to IFER has the potential to positively change the course of science by ensuring that more scientists are working to advance better, more humane scientific methodologies. It’s a wise investment that will pay huge dividends: better science, an end to needless animal suffering and more promising solutions to human problems.