A Better Way

rabbitSociety looks to science and technology to bring rational insight to our complicated world and to find the solutions that will make our lives better. At its best, science represents knowledge, experience, discovery, and inspiration. The mission of the International Foundation for Ethical Research is ambitious, too. We aim to fundamentally change the course of science by incorporating respect and compassion for animals along with the pursuit of knowledge.

IFER fulfills its mission to replace the use of animals in research, testing and education by awarding research grants to scientists who are developing alternatives to animal models and testing protocols and with fellowships to graduate students. Projects of interest include contemporary areas of discovery such as the use of in vitro models, in silico simulations, projects in genomics and proteomics designed to collect human-relevant data, and epidemiological studies. Projects that utilize modern technology to replace the use of animals in biomedical and basic research, safety testing, and education as well as noninvasive behavioral studies of animals in their natural habitats have been awarded grants. Consideration may be given to extraordinary projects in journalism, philosophy, the legal field and other areas that demonstrate a novel opportunity to advance the awareness or use of alternatives to the use of animals in research, product testing and education. In addition, IFER disseminates information designed to increase awareness of these scientific advancements through workshops, seminars, publications and conferences.

IFER represents an opportunity to invest in better, more ethical science by:

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Relying on the expertise and dedication of a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of scientists from academia, industry and government to select the most promising projects to support.
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Investing in sophisticated technologies and innovative methodologies that will change the course of biomedical research, product testing and science education.
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Supporting the careers of new scientists through IFER’s Graduate Fellowship Program with incentives to pursue humane science.
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Providing educational opportunities for scientists, regulatory agencies, animal advocates and the public through its sponsorship of conferences and publications.
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Enhancing our understanding of other species by capitalizing on field research that does not cause harm or stress to the animals.